sambraddock said: Hi Phil, gotta say that I really love your drawing style! Was just wondering if there're any illustrators that inspired you? Yours kind of remind me of Quentin Blake's and I've always loved his work. And, do you manually or digitally draw your illustration? Thanks! :)

Hello! Thanks so much for the kind words!

There are LOTS of illustrators that have inspired me. Quentin Blake is certainly one of them. A few others would be André François, Arnold Roth, Martin Handford, Jean-Jacques Sempé, Ronald Searle, Joann Sfar, Shel Silverstein… I could list dozens of them!

I draw almost everything on paper with ink and watercolors, though I’ll sometimes sketch illustrations out digitally before I sit down to draw and paint everything. I wrote a bit about my typical process over on my blog:

  1. sambraddock said: The Ramen Music cover was great! I’m always hesitant using watercolor cos it looks so scary. My heart is literally beating faster everytime I use that media, ha. Thanks for the answer, can’t wait to see more :)
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